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Here is a Preliminary timetable of events for Knowledgelab 4 - 'How do we know?'. It's pretty action packed!!

We have five main 'streams':

What do we know? - Philosophical, epistemological and methodological reflections

The Worldwide Brain - Technology and internet stream

Think Again - Alternative culture, media and the arts

Global Action - What is being/can be done?

More Stuff - Yeah, there's more...

Friday February 16th

People arriving in the afternoon will be able to meet up at the Sumac Centre

7pm - Those who have arrived by this time can eat at the Sumac. Others arriving later can contact us and we'll arrange for food to be available for you.

8pm - A local folk band 'Acushla' are playing at the Sumac Centre. Magic hat donations. [Gig]

Accomodation - You can bed down any time from 9pm at Ned's, a local housing coop, round the corner from the Sumac centre.

Saturday 17th

Click on bits highlighted blue to read more about the workshops

8 - 9 Breakfast available at the Sumac before leaving for the Portland Building

ARRIVE AT 9am - Registration at the Portland Building. Receive Programme, meet people, drink tea and coffee and eat buscuits! 9.30 am - General Welcome and Introduction


Think Again

- Open Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry - A fresh learning system

What do we know?

- Knowledge through Stillness - Quiet reflection on inner knowledge.

The Worldwide Brain

- Introduction to Internet Activism

Global Know-how & Action

- SOMA - Consensus decision making without the mind/body split.

1pm - 2pm LUNCH - really delicious vegan food provided by Veggies


These will be run back to back throughout the afternoon. More precise times will be available

Think Again

- Feeling Media - How are our senses affected by the media?

- Gatekeeping - Exposing/investigating a hidden world of censorship

- Invisible Aesthetics - A talk about the meaning(s) of 'co-artists' (rather than artists/audience) and a look at the reasons why some artists lie about not being artists.

What do we know?

- Knowledge Part 1: For what? Who for? How shall we know? - Can academia produce anti-hierarchical Knowledges?

- Deschooling Society - Based on Ivan Illich's seminal book - A challenge of established educational systems

- Patterns - Can a language of complexity give us insights? - Presentation followed by investigation

The Worldwide Brain

Global Know-how & Action

- Climate camp debrief - What were its successes and failures? Where to go from here?

- Travelling School of Life - An introduction to an alternative educational structure.

More Stuff

- Critical Literacy - An open discussion session using something similar to the OSDE format, looking at whether activists have attained "critical literacy" - Mainly aimed at activists

- Gender and suppressed Knowledge - How can suppressed knowledge be released into the mainstream?

- Theory and Practice in the Social Sciences - Summarising critiques of positivist approaches and exploring perspectives on activist and critical research. - Specifically aimed at those involved in research.

- Role-play exercise based on a university classroom- A practical exercise investigating current teaching/learning methods.

Sunday February 18th

We will be joined by the Nottingham Student Peace Movement (NSPM) who are holding their annual Peace Conference from 11 - 6

For those who are interested there will also be off-site activities starting from about 11am:

  • Learn how to build a wind turbine (limited places available)
  • Visit ecoworks, a local allotment and eco-building project (limited places available)
  • Ecstatic Mourning - Write an angry, joyous, soulful song just like that...

Portland Building programme:

10 - 10.30 Coffee, tea and morning chats...


Think Again

- Affective Knowledge and Alternative Media - The ins and outs of alternative media

- Radical Music - Take along some music which moved you to think a different way. We'll play some tunes and talk

What do we know?

- Oppressive Discourse

- Critique of common sense

NSPM Peace Conference

- War and Oil - Exploring the links

1pm - 2pm LUNCH - yet more delicious vegan food provided by Veggies


What do we know?

- Public/Private Knowledge

Think again

- Structural Differential

- Psychology of Memory and Perception

NSPM Peace Conference


- Faslane 365 mobilisation - Defy ID

4pm Guest SPEAKER - Craig Murray