Invisible Aesthetics

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Invisible Aesthetics - A talk about the meaning(s) of 'co-artists' (rather than artists/audience) and a look at the reasons why some artists lie about not being artists (so as to talk about artistic strategies of participation and political engagement) and/or 'Cosmopolitics' - what is 'good' science? Adopted by Sophie Le-Phat Ho of 'Artivistic' at [[1]]

More info:

This will be an informal group discussion about contemporary artistic practices which experiment on new or different models so as to creatively engage participants into everyday politics. Everyone will be invited to share their ideas and thoughts about various activist art practices in order to consider the aims and efficacy of different propositions. Drawing on Isabelle Stengers' idea of the "idiot" (ie. s/he who does not care to be an "expert" and thus can ask any question and by doing so potentially disrupts normal power dynamics), we could consider collectively the idea of "artists as idiots" where cross-disciplinary exchanges are possible. And where perhaps even being an "artist" (ie. "author") is not so important (or possible?) anymore in contrast to the emergence of "co-artists" and the playful consideration of "invisible aesthetics". Can this be imagined? Why should it be pursued? What are some examples of this?