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Programming For Revolutionaries, Poets, and Philosophers, and Revolutionaries, Hacklab, Sat 9:30 - 12:30
ADOPTER(S) Harry Halpin (hhalpin AT ibiblio.org)
FACILITATOR(S) jake elliott (racter AT gmail.com)

I'm thinking we should use this to teach programming for people who have never programmed before but are computer literate (for example, may have put up a web-page or editing video...) and try to demystify the process.

What programming languages do people want to know about? There's such a host of possibilites out there, but I thought it might be good to begin with Python since it's pretty straightforward and also can be used for real applications. Here's a really simple tutorial for non programmers. Hetland's Instant Hacking Python Tutorial

However, I also know a lot of people like PHP and want to know how to set-up database-driven websites, and it's highly supported: PHP Tutorial

I have written a guide/tutorial to writing dynamic websites using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and already have slides prepared. I would be happy to give presenting this a go again -- Martyn Welch (on mailing list)

We could try both!

And there's also Java and LISP, but those might be overkill for a three hour session.

We'll also need some computers set-up ahead of time!


i think python is a great place to go - it's very easy to link up to graphics/sound/gui/whatever people want to do. it's also easy to install on MSWindows + comes packaged with MacOSX and many linux distros. -jake

i'd like to do some python too... personally ive done plenty of php and no python. bob

Here's some perl for the poets:

perl -e 'shift; $priorities for($people and not $profit);\ my $soul; die unless (++$resistance and ++$love);'

greets, ionnek