Time Line: The lead up to KLab9 (get involved at any stage)

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The Timeline (join in when you can)

September until 1st October '06 Write clearer outlines of streams [1] and [2] Call for papers, works, and workshops (several lists) Define a date (September07) Book rooms Alternative (non- university) funding and, if it arises, university ‘incubation’ funding Research potential key speakers

Until 1st November '06 Contact key speakers

January '07 Put a call on the knowledgelab list inviting people from Lancaster to help with organization and set up the event (technicians). Contact art centre, gallery space, and possible evening venues (Gregson).

Deadline to submit a proposal is 1st February '07.

By 1st April '07 we have final decisions on artworks, events and papers.

June '07 Sort catering Have a full schedule of the event. Welcome pack, especially important for those arriving before the event in Lancaster, (activities, maps, events, places to go).

September '07 Two days before the event, artists should plan layout and setup their art works with help of technicians.