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Some of the sessions of the February 3/4/5 Knowledge Lab event will be streamed live and recorded for later editing and publishing. See the current version of the programme for details.

You will find links to the .ogg streams here on this page, or directly from the streaming server at:

If you want to play the ogg streams in windows media player you may need to go to this page and download a plugin :

Or otherwise, use Winamp, which will play ogg streams as it is:

"For reference runs FreeBSD 6.0 with Icecast 2.3. We tried Fedora Core 4 however it paused for several seconds every now and again, for some reason FreeBSD 6.0 worked fine."

The recorded sessions are now online at See the following links:

Video distribution and editing

Psychedelic technologies

Indymedia and publishing politics

Enclosures and commons

Commodification and Art

Closing Plenary

Alternative Media

Opening Plenary