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Psychedelic "Technologies" & Biological Enhancements
ADOPTER(S) criticalartware (jake_elliott :: racter AT ++ jonCates: joncates AT


this session will focus on discussion of psychedelics as software and software as psychedelic. specifically: software as a [re]programmable aesthetic [object|instruction set], and psychedelics as employed by activists and artists (and artivists and actists) in the 1960s+1970s both as metaphoric of the possibilities of social change and as actual agents in the massive self-executed reprogramming of consciousness to self-determined ends.

criticalartware will bring along video footage of + by terrence mckenna, tim leary, phil morton and others who addressed the relationship between psychedelics and software. this video can serve as a functional backdrop for the discussion of future tangling of these terminologies.

talking points:

  • reprogrammable reality :: surrealism + simulation + LSD = powerpill
  • social software + viral language :: tune in, turn on, drop out, boot up, ./configure, make LOVE
  • practical demonstration :: there will be a practical demonstration of pyschedelic Free Software, featuring a streaming camera and LiVES. Audience participation is encouraged !

links + resources

psychedelic software: