Power: Who creates which knowledge

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Knowledge has always an origin: We are part of the creation of knowledge. Therewith, production of knowledge is principally influenced by society. Stocks of knowledges reflect the hegemonic society. Thus, we ask: Is it possible to produce emancipatory knowledge which has a different relation to power and domination? If knowledge generates structures within fields of power: how can we deal with this?

Quite a number of approaches exist to deal with knowledge outside of hegemonic institutions (e.g. the Global Autonomous University (edu factory discussion) or the diversity of autonomous universities and institutes). Are they of help to produce significant, emancipatory, antihierarchical and new knowledge? What is the difference between autonomous organisations to produce knowledge and the dominating ones?

  • visibility of knowledge
  • (re)production and transformation of knowledge; how dies knowledge come into being in relation to mechanisms of power?
  • a critique of institutions of knowledge production; academia as a measure of ensuring domination

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