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Please Feel Free to Offer or Suggest Possible Meeting Places - on this page - where we could , at any time , decide to have sponteneous meetings ( or planned one or two weeks in advance ) ,

and eventually hold open meetings like

and here we can continue listing some topics we could discuss:

You will also find a related page on

people interested in developping this further: dante - at - ecobytes . net

Czech Rep. :

"We are ...a trading post, an open space, an intentional community, a learning space."

Possibility of meetings ( to check with Cornelia ) :

not far from Bielefeld - West Germany - near a village called Detmold :

Marburg - BettenHaus ( to check with Dominik ) mr.domnik EAT gmail DOT com Self-governed studenthostel

note from Binja taken at the ecotopia :

short collection of Living and Education Places: Binja:


  • Ukraine
  • Romania 2x
  • Austria 2x
  • Spain
  • Check
  • Marburg
  • Gaia


  • Spain
  • Hungary


  • Barcelona
  • asking People in the Mailinglist for Spaces they probably know


also to check:

Die Umwelt- und Projektwerkstatt Freiburg