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Copy and paste this form into an email and return it to or (take the nospam@ bit out!). Cheers

Knowledgelab 4

February 16th-18th

Participation Form


Phone number:


Where are you coming from? When do you plan to arrive?:

Do you need accomodation ? Friday/Saturday night or both?

How much can you afford to pay? (Donations - suggested £10 unwaged, £20+ waged)

Have you been to Knowledgelab before (if so which one)?

Would you like to adopt/suggest a workshop? (If so please give details)

  • Name of workshop:
  • Brief description:
  • Time needed (up to 3 hours):
  • Max no. participants?:
  • Will you need a facilitator?

Which suggested topics interest you the most?

Which workshops do you plan to attend (proposed workshops can be viewed at )?

Do you have experience in facilitation? Would you be prepared to facilitate a workshop?

What are your interests?

Are you involved in any organisations/campaigning groups?

Do you have any special dietary requirements (all food will be Vegan)?

Do you plan to take children? (If so please email us separately)