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Experimental Knowledge Lab

The Experimental Knowledge Lab takes place at Lancaster University, July 7-8, 2010 in the Conference Centre. Please arrive before 3.30pm on Wednesday, July 7 for registration, in order to attend the plenary session on “Communism as Experiment” from 4-5.30pm, which will kick off the lab by providing food for thought! Remember that you are welcome to attend the conference the whole of Wednesday (as well as Friday!), which includes a variety of interesting speakers. See website for further details: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/experimentality/event/experimental-society

Tentative Programme

July 7

Until 3.30pm: Arrivals / Registration

4-5.30pm: Plenary “Communism as Experiment”

6pm communal bus ride to town :)

Before Dinner: TINA Exhibition @ Storey Gallery

7.30pm: Dinner in town w/conference participants

Private Accommodation: Get in touch if you need it!

July 8

09:30 Welcome! (Martin), short explanation of Prezi (Amaranta), and Intro (Larry)

10:00 Common discussion reflecting on the plenary on ‘Communism as Experiment’

11:00 Tea/coffee break

11:30 Working Groups

12:30 Feedback and Prezi contributions

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Working Groups II

15:30 Tea/coffee break

16:00 Working Groups III

17:00 Common discussion and "final" Prezi contributions


19:30 Buffet Dinner, music, performances and more on campus

Some questions to start the discussion on struggles and resistances

- What is the role of struggle and resistance in an experimental society? - What role can social movements play in keeping alive alternative imaginaries and values? - How can effective sites of struggle be identified in a ‘society of control’ where power is dispersed, experimental, and constantly on the move? - What are the most important and promising sites of struggle?

Topics you might want to say something about

- Surveillance – control society - Resource wars (resource consumption, land grabbing, food politics, water…) - Gender and sexuality - Technologies - Green capitalism – climate change - Where is the welfare state heading? - The austerity agenda - More… ???