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discussion about programm and timetable


as self-organised slot in Room 3, discussion of the participants about content, structure and timetable of the alternative media slot

  * publishing politics: License, Copyright should definitely be included in the session (legal loopholes), crossover with the hacklab, but also publishing content  outside the web, formats of content
  * distribution of publications which are independent : creative commons licenses, anti-copright, copyleft, how to combine different licenses, strategies,
  * video distribution advantages and difficulties: fair fundraising, what distribution networks are there
  * projects: indymedia licensing and wiki 
  * drafts of articles on wiki
  * alt media research project: output of academia; access of academic resources, 
  * urban academic publishing: practical questions: e.g. Do you produce creative commons books and how to distribute, also e.g. MUTE and mega-mute: print on demand, how old and new media come together
  * how the G8 reporting was done: how the protesting in Scotland was organised and how the different alt media came together and used, event based media reporting and strategies, create network of networks
  * indymedia and bloggers
  * research and ethics
  * human rights and alternative media