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Organisational Questions

Preparing your own event

Join the mailing list to collaboratively create an autonomous university. Write the list what you want to do and just do it. Please let us know if you have any questions - if we can, we like to give support.

Booking Rooms for Meetings

University Booking

room booking goes like this, really easy:

some rooms are adminned by colleges, such as the Furness Senior Common Room is quite nice - it's the one just left of furness bar, slightly lower than the level of the court yard and with a big windows at the end

Whitaker, Beverley (b.whitaker at takes care of it - she is nice and friendly - you can either email her of just drop by her office

Else: (room.bookings at, which ends up with Andrea Kitchen - if you send her an email form your lancaster account, just saying that you need a room for a seminar sunday at whatever time it is and what department you are from.

Other Rooms

Marsh Community Centre: 01524 843300 Ridge Community Centre: 01524 389008 Friends Meeting House: 01524 62971 Gregson: 01524 849959 (although as far as I know we have to pay for this room)