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This is the planning page for a one day gathering in Spring 2010 called "The Will and The Tyranny of The Many".

Exact date to be confirmed.

Venue: somewhere in or around Lancaster.

The gathering - in extension of the Knowledge Lab - takes as a point of departure a chapter titled “Consensus is Oppression: Creating Conflictive Democracy through Global Movement Networks” in the recent book by Marianne Maeckelberg called The Will of the Many, which "describes an alternative form of global democracy in the making"

....and the work of Bill Cooke et al. collected in "Participation: The New Tyranny?", which is a study that "study shows how particpatory development can lead to the unjust and illegitimate exercise of power. The book addresses the gulf between the almost universally fashionable rhetoric of participation, empowerment and appropriate development, and what actually happens in practice.."

Get in touch - m.pedersen -at- - if are interested in making this a lively, lovely day of critical, reflective social movement debate about decision making and development.