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List of Topics for Sunday Meetings

  • Violence, Pacifism, and beyond non-violence?
  • Neutrality of technology
  • Alternatives to Capitalism? Problematizing Anarchy, socialisms
  • Radical education/libertarian education/pedagogy of the oppressed/alternatives!
  • Social History: the transition to capitalism
  • "Action Research": using academia to create social change?
  • Social History: the witch hunt
  • "Health for All Now!": Reclaiming the Human Right to Health as tool for radical social change
  • Innovative communication/teaching/sharing practice of knowledge and experience (from participative sessions to "new" technology, stepping outside the 2hour class slot framework, using theatre, removing the teacher-student power relationship
  • Nuclear Waste Management: The UK's options (noel)
  • ParEcon - participatory economics; an overview of an economic model designed with people, not profit, in mind. What does it entail? How would it work? Can we make it a reality? Would we want to if we could? (Matt - mid-february would be good for me.)

List for Workshops

  • Vegan cooking (could we combine this with some sort of event - food not bombs, vegan info stall, food for next knowledge lab,etc?)
  • Privacy in electronic communication (GPG) (Ingmar) - done at 2nd knowledgelab
  • Sexual Health? (a men's health workshop?)
  • Tree-protesting, practical skills (Noel)
  • Preparation Session for Visiting Professor Scheme (Martin, Ingmar)
  • UNIX/LINUX shell scripting
  • Linux Web hosting

Other Activities

  • Support group "anonymous capitalists"

UNIVERSITY STREAM: Suggestions for Summer 2006

WORKSHOP "qualitative data analysis: interviews"

furness b32 (IEPPP PG-room): to practice analysis of qualitative data (based on a transcription of ingmar of some interviews with env'tal science/engineering "experts"). if someone wants the transcribed interviews beforehand, send an email to Ingmar.

SESSION on Reflection on the 2nd Knowledgelab and next klabs:


WORKSHOP "Action and Thought Against War in Iran"in connection with the cinematograph

  • Background information on Iran
  • Brainstorming

Plans for 2007

I am thinking of Tuesday/Wednesday events on topics like:

Wednesdays: The Anarchist Stream

Tuesdays: The Green Stream